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"You either have to dig very deep
or you don't".

Kathy Karlo

Keepers of the Crux

The Art of Bouldering with Friends

The Keepers

Behold, we are the Keepers of the Crux, a motley crew of misfits united by a common cause: To champion the Inalienable Principles of the Art of Bouldering with Friends.

Trust me, we take this stuff seriously. 

The Rules

As Keepers, we steadfastly adhere to a set of inalienable Bouldering Principles upon which the very fabric of the Universe revolves. These Principles, unwavering and absolute, are known as The Rules. Let it be unequivocally understood that The Rules are not mere suggestions ; they are the Law. It is solely through the unwavering adherence to The Rules that the elusive realms of Happiness, Freedom and, consequently, HUGE SENTS can ever be achieved.

The Stories

The Keepers written tradition is more than a recounting of tales; it is a living, breathing testament to the shared obsession, addiction, and camaraderie that define the climbing community. A communal thread, binding generations of climbers and fostering a sense of belonging in the face of adversity.

The Glossary

To fully understand and embrace the Art of Bouldering with Friends, one must first master the Lingo of the Dyno, the ancestral bouldering language common to all serious Sunday climbers.

The Lingo of the Dyno says "flashing at the gym should be celebrated". Then so be it!

The Grading System

Never in the history of our habitable planet has a seemingly innocent number and letter combo (except maybe for E=mc2) yielded so much power over the fate of humankind.
Our Grading System is nothing more than The Keepers desperate attempt to make sense of the non-sensical.

The Contact Form
Confused about Cruxes, secret societies, magic chalks, dynos and V1's? Need clarification about a Rules or more precision on the NFC sub-Rule?

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