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The Resources


Find your perfect gym, where chalk is the unofficial perfume, crash pads are the unsung heroes, and attempting a V3 feels like trying to decode extraterrestrial dance moves on a neon-lit dance floor.

The Gears


Nothing says "I'm ready to defy gravity on a giant rock puzzle" like shoes that look like they've seen one too many avant-garde fashion shows and a chalk bag that doubles as a questionable accessory in everyday life.

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Watching climbing movies is like taking an armchair ascent up Mount Hilarity – a rollercoaster of vertical drama where the only crux is trying not to spill your popcorn during the epic summit showdowns.

The Shops


Entering a climbing shop is like stepping into a treasure trove for thrill-seekers – where the smell of climbing shoes subtly whispers, "Your sock drawer is about to get jealous."


Influencers: The rock stars of the vertical realm working hard to convince us that chalk-covered hands, Popeye-like forearms and well-maintained beards are the epitome of social media glamour.


Reading climbing books is like embarking on a literary ascent – minus the sore muscles and the questionable decision to wear socks with climbing shoes while attempting to conquer Mount TBR (To Be Read).

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