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The Way of the Wall: Bouldering on the Path of Bushido

A samurai climbing a mountain
The Way of the Wall

In the serene world of bouldering, where climbers channel their inner monkeys and defy gravity one crimp at a time, there exists a sacred path less traveled. It's the path of Bushido – the way of the warrior – but with chalk bags and crash pads instead of katanas and armor. Welcome, dear reader, to the convergence of bouldering and the samurai spirit!

Picture this: you, a modern-day warrior, clad in your finest stretchy pants and a chalk-stained t-shirt, standing before a monolithic boulder. Your mission? To conquer it with the grace of a ninja and the determination of a sumo wrestler on a diet. But fear not, for you shall not journey alone. Let us embark on this hilarious adventure together.

First and foremost, a true boulderer of Bushido must master the art of focus. Forget about your grocery list or that embarrassing incident from fifth grade – your mind must be as clear as a polished climbing hold. You're not just climbing; you're meditating vertically. Though, let's be honest, most of us are probably mentally drafting our next Instagram post about #ZenClimbing or debating whether to eat that last protein bar instead.

Next, let us address the attire. In the dojo of bouldering, fashion is not just a statement – it's a survival tactic. Your attire should strike fear into the hearts of lesser climbers while also allowing for maximum mobility. Think black belt meets neon spandex. After all, nothing says "I'm serious about sending this boulder" like a pair of lime-green leggings with a tiger print crash pad as an accessory.

As you begin your ascent, remember the wisdom of Miyamoto Musashi: "Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy, it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things." Translation: don't forget your glasses. It's hard to perceive the subtleties of a crimp when everything's a blur.

Ah, but what of the falls, you ask? Fear not, for the boulderer of Bushido embraces failure as a teacher. Every slip, every stumble, is but a lesson in humility. Plus, let's face it, watching your buddy faceplant into a crash pad is comedy gold. Just be sure to offer a respectful nod before erupting into laughter – it's all part of the code.

And finally, when you reach the summit – whether it be a triumphant send or a graceful retreat – remember the words of the ancient masters: "Don't forget to chalk up." Because nothing ruins the illusion of stoic determination quite like slipping off a sweaty hold and careening into the abyss below.

So there you have it, dear reader: bouldering on the path of Bushido, where the only thing sharper than your wit is your climbing technique. Now go forth, noble warrior, and may your sends be mighty and your landings soft. And if all else fails, just blame it on the wind – or better yet, blame it on the way of the wall.

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