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Welcome to the Light: A Bouldering Poem

Updated: Mar 20

In a realm where rocks and climbers meet, A dance of joy, where floor and sky entreat. Bouldering, the sport of the grounded flight, Where laughter echoes in the chalky light.

Chalked hands grasp holds, a tactile ballet, On textured walls, dreams in colors play. In the gym's embrace or nature's grand stage, Bouldering whispers tales of an ancient sage.

Climbers commune with the craggy stone, A conversation in whispers and groans. Beta shared like secrets, in camaraderie, A tapestry of tales, woven in chalky glee.

Each foothold a step in life's grand climb, A metaphor for moments, both yours and mine.

From crimps to jugs, a mosaic unfolds, A journey of discovery, as the story molds.

The crash pad, a haven, a foam-filled reprieve, Beneath the climbers who dare to believe. For falling is not failing in this sacred space, But a chance to rise, with a grin on your face.

The boulder, a canvas for movement's art, Where climbers express with every limb and part.

Dynos and mantles, a poetic display, Bouldering is language, in which we convey.

In the bouldering gym, where laughter resounds, Echoes of triumphs and playful sounds.

A community of chalk-stained troubadours, Celebrating victories, both big and small.

On nature's canvas, under the open sky, Bouldering spirits with wings that fly.

Rock-hopping poets, seeking new heights, In the joy of bouldering, a timeless delight.

So let us climb, with laughter and zest, Bouldering's joy, an eternal quest.

In the cradle of rocks, where dreams take flight, Bouldering whispers, "Welcome to the light."

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